“Every day that we don’t have Jigsaw is inflicting pain on my associates and costing our clients money.”

Co-Chair at Gibson Dunn

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“I don’t know whether to be excited about this tool or depressed about how long I’ve been using PowerPoint.”

Senior Partner at DLA Piper

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“I was able to use Jigsaw in a pitch and won the client.”

Partner at HSF

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“This is actually heartwarming and would save me hours of tears.”

Associate at Kramer Levin

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Our Product

Build attractive, data rich diagrams in seconds

Visualise your deals and business flows effortlessly

Jigsaw transforms the creation, manipulation and presentation of the full spectrum of business diagrams - making diagramming easy, quick and visually impactful

From corporate structure charts to steps plans, from organisational charts to privacy and data flows, Jigsaw lets you design and monitor every aspect, as well as the underlying information, like never before

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Key Benefits

Jigsaw revolutionises how teams work and collaborate on business diagrams


Build diagrams up to 40X faster than with traditional tools: create complex diagrams in seconds and use Jigsaw as a live presentation or collaboration tool


Enrich your firm's brand: Jigsaw makes clear, sophisticated and beautiful diagrams which your team, your clients and your investors will love


Keep all your diagram information in one easily accessible place: with Jigsaw, you can track, search and modify all files and data points that relate to a diagram


Jigsaw fully integrates with Microsoft Office: transfer between PowerPoint and Visio, export into Word, and even automatically generate diagrams from any data source