Jigsaw - Visualising Data

Jigsaw focuses on the specific needs of corporate diagramming

Jigsaw is for businesses that want to visually represent key information in a clear and accurate manner, and that are frustrated with the slow and cumbersome experience offered by traditional tools

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Key Benefits

Jigsaw revolutionises how teams work and collaborate on business diagrams


Build diagrams up to 40X faster than with traditional tools: create complex diagrams in seconds and use Jigsaw as a live presentation or collaboration tool


Enrich your firm's brand: Jigsaw makes clear, sophisticated and beautiful diagrams which your team, your clients and your investors will love


Keep all your diagram information in one easily accessible place: with Jigsaw, you can track, search and modify all files and data points that relate to a diagram


Jigsaw fully integrates with Microsoft Office: transfer between PowerPoint and Visio, export into Word, and even automatically generate diagrams from any data source